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Intense sideways scrolling shoot 'em up

Drone Swarm is a sideways scrolling 2D shoot 'em up. There is just this one level demo available now, but it's quite a challenging level.

The most noticeable thing about Drone Swarm is its graphics, which are very polished. The sound too is excellent quality. Control is via keyboard or joypad, and is really simple, with the cursor keys to move, Z to shoot and X to freeze or unfreeze your drones.

When playing the game, you are rewarded for efficiency. The more efficient you are with bullets, the faster you earn drones. As in many games of this genre, drones are invincible modules that follow you around giving you extra firepower. Hitting X makes them hold position on the screen, which can be really useful against big or difficult enemies.

Your craft is quite slow, and there are no power ups for speed, so you have to be very careful you don't get cornered, as you can't zip about the screen. This gives Drone Swarm its difficulty, as the screen can be filled with enemies and bullets heading your way. Weaving between them is pretty hard.

Drone Swarm is a polished shoot 'em up, only spoiled by it's short length!


  • Great graphics
  • Simple controls


  • No difficulty settings


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